6 Subtle Signs of Piping Problems

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Water Flowing Down The Drain – Omaha, NE - Two Men and a Snake, Inc.

When your bathroom floor is covered in water or your kitchen sink doesn’t let anything out, you’ll easily guess that something is wrong with your plumbing system. Other signs are more subtle, but if you can catch them before they get too much worse, you’ll save yourself time and money, not to mention sparing your pipes from further damage. Look for these signals to prevent plumbing problems down the road.

1.Mineral Buildup

How to Check for Hidden Leaks

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Woman Calling a Plumber while Draining the Sink Pipe Blockage – Omaha, NE - Two Men and a Snake, Inc.

You can have a plumbing leak, but not realize it until it causes damage. Leaks are a common plumbing problem in both old and new houses. Many leaks happen in hidden areas like under floors or in the walls. These are places most people don’t think to look for leaks. They tend to start small and get bigger over time unless caught early. Here are some ways to tell if you have a hidden leak and ways to pinpoint what pipe or fixture is the culprit.

Pay Attention to Your Meter

Potentially Alarming Noises That Your Submersible Sump Pump Can Make

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Submersible Sump Pump – Omaha, NE - Two Men and a Snake, Inc.

The sump pump in your basement is your home’s first line of defense against flooding, so if your sump pump starts making loud noises while it functions, this can be pretty alarming. This is doubly true if your basement has a submersible sump pump, as many homeowners choose these pumps specifically for their quiet operation.

All sump pumps generate a certain amount of noise while they function properly, but loud noises can be from a variety of mechanical problems. A sump pump that’s makes any of the following unusual noises needs inspecting right away by a professional plumbing service.

Kitchen Sink and Disposal Care Mistakes to Avoid

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Sink and Disposal – Omaha, NE - Two Men and a Snake, Inc.Your kitchen sink and garbage disposal are one of the main access points for plumbing in your kitchen. How you care for these two interconnected components of your plumbing system can have major consequences regarding ease of use as well as the longevity and durability of the sink and garbage disposal.

As a homeowner, you should educate yourself about the correct way to clean and maintain these two parts of your plumbing system to avoid any problems or preventable mistakes. Here are some of the mistakes you should aim to avoid in caring for your kitchen sink and garbage disposal.

What You Should Know About Water Hammer

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Water Hammer – Omaha, NE - Two Men and a Snake, Inc.If you’ve ever heard your pipes knocking or banging behind your walls when you turn off a faucet, they may be trying to communicate — and tell you there’s a problem. Water hammer, or hydraulic shock, as it’s formally called, is a common problem that many homeowners have faced. Here is everything you should know about water hammer so you can take the right steps to resolve the issue and protect your plumbing.

What Is Water Hammer?

Frequently Asked Questions About Sewer Line Problems

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Sewer Line Problems – Omaha, NE - Two Men and a Snake, Inc.Residential plumbing involves more than just the pipes, valves, appliances, and fixtures within the residence itself. Your home’s plumbing system depends on consistent performance from the sewer line that attaches this system to the municipal water supply. Unfortunately, this component can break, leak, or become clogged.

The more you understand about sewer line symptoms and problems, the more effectively you can seek the necessary professional expertise and maintenance to keep them to a minimum. Check out the answers to these frequently asked sewer line questions.

A Homeowner’s Guide To Water Heater Leaks

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Water Heater Leaks – Omaha, NE - Two Men and a Snake, Inc.Water heater leaks can dump a lot of water in your home quickly, which leads to major damage along with the inconvenience of no hot water. You should know the causes of leaks and what to do in the event your hot water heater begins leaking.

Signs of a Leak

Water heater leaks can be minor or major. Minor leaks may not be immediately apparent, particularly if you do not check your heater often. The signs of a minor leak include:

Getting a Sewer Line Video Inspection? What You Should Know

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Video inspections can provide invaluable information about the state of a drainpipe’s interior. These inspections can help if you have a clogged drain inside your house or a problem with the main sewer line that leads from your home to the sewer hookup at the road.

Whether you’re having your sewer line inspected as routine maintenance or because it’s been acting up, you’ll want to know what to expect at inspection time. You’ll also need to know what you can reasonably expect to gain from the inspection.

Here are some of the basics of what you should know to prepare for your first sewer line video inspection.

What Is the Job Scope and Location?

A video inspection is typically a one-person job. For this job, your plumber will use a machine that sends the camera down the drain on a line. The plumber will need to access the sewer line, typically through your sewer clean out. This clean out may be indoors or outdoors and may even be buried, depending on your home’s plumbing design.

6 Typical Causes of Inadequate Hot Water in the House

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Shower Head – City, State – Business Name

Inadequate hot water in the house is annoying and signals an underlying problem with the plumbing or heating system. Below are six major causes of inadequate hot water.

1. Water Supply Problems

Your water heater won’t have adequate water to heat if something interrupts the supply to your house. Here are some of the issues that can interfere with your water supply:

What You Need to Know About Basement Flooding

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Underground swimming pools are a delight — a basement pool is less so. Basement floods are a regular occurrence in some areas. Any basement can flood under the right conditions, though. Find out everything you need to know about this household hassle.

Common Causes of Basement Flooding

Since the basement is the bottom-most part of your house, and water flows downward naturally, the basement is the most likely area to flood. Therefore, a common cause of basement flooding is heavy rains. If the rain has poured down for a long time, the ground can’t soak it up fast enough. It flows down, perhaps right into your basement.

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