How To Prevent Common Plumbing Issues This Holiday Season

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Happy Family Celebrating Holiday Season

Winter often means retreating to the cozy indoors to entertain friends and family over an extended holiday season. Your plumbing, though, is often the first to show signs of this increase in indoor activity. Combine cold weather conditions with the increased use of the plumbing during holiday celebrations, and problems are more likely to arise. You can avoid major issues by knowing what to watch out for.

Freezing Temperatures

Frozen pipes are usually the main concern with plumbing during the winter months. Both drains and water supply lines can freeze, with effects ranging from temporary inconvenience to major leaks and damages.

5 Plumbing-Savvy Suggestions That May Save You Money

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Two Men And A Snake - onsite blog photo - Fix Water Leaks and Drips Whether you want to avoid expensive repairs or simply wish to lower your monthly utility bills, your home’s plumbing system is a good place to start. Consider a few measures you can take that could save you money. Anything from installing a new water heater or showerhead to inspecting your home for leaks can be a wise move. Here are a few suggestions you might want to consider.

1. Replace Your Outdated Water Heater Before It Breaks Down

Is your water heater more than a decade old? If so, you probably need to consider an upgrade. Don’t wait until the water heater begins to leak. If you are unsure if your water heater needs to be replaced, consult a plumber.

Plumbing Emergencies and Landlords

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Two Men And A Snake - onsite blog photo - Plumbing Emergencies and Landlords You have a plumbing problem, but your landlord isn’t answering the phone. Do you call a plumber, or do you wait? You might not want to call a plumber since plumbing issues can be expensive, but if it’s an emergency, you need to call a plumber as soon as you can. How can you tell?

How Can a Professional Plumber Save You Money?

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How can a plumber save you money? If you have daydreams about a cost-effective DIY fix, take a look at why a professional fix for your plumbing problems is a less expensive option in the long-run.

Extra Equipment

Unless you have a full professional-level tool set, you need an expert to bring their equipment for the job. Whether you have a clogged drain, broken pipes, or another installation issue, a plumber has the right tools for the job.

3 Reasons Your Toilet Is Randomly Running

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Have you noticed your toilet running and filling with water when no one has been in the bathroom for a while? You don’t have a phantom toilet; you have a malfunctioning toilet. You can check to see if one of these issues is causing your toilet to randomly run and fill.

Reason #1: A Damaged Flapper

When you remove the lid off the toilet tank, you will see an arm that runs horizontally from the outer toilet handle. At the end of the arm is a chain, which connects to the flapper.

What You Need to Know About Your Apartment’s Plumbing

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Are you moving out of your parent’s house and into your first apartment? If this is the first time you’ve lived on your own, take a look at what you need to know about renting and your new home’s plumbing system.

Who Is Responsible for Repairs?

It’s your landlord’s duty to make sure your apartment is habitable. This means the home must have working basics—such as heat and plumbing. While specific laws vary by state, most require the landlord to maintain working plumbing inside of the building. This includes the condition of the pipes, toilets, sinks, and other related fixtures.

How to Save Yourself From Summer Party Plumbing Problems

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The start of the summer season means sun, fun, and plenty of parties. Even though your guests bring good times galore, they also invite plumbing problems. Before your warm weather get-togethers and backyard barbeques get underway, take a look at the top summer party plumbing issues and how to correct them.

Kitchen Conundrum

Your kitchen sink isn’t a garbage can. Even if you have a disposal, putting the wrong things into your plumbing can cause serious problems. If your summer involves parties with a cook-out style, don’t put these items down the drain:

Your Spring Plumbing Checklist

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Spring has sprung. With the warmer weather comes a host of potential plumbing issues. Before the season gets into full swing, take a look at the springtime plumbing checklist that can save you time, money, and headaches.

Check Your Sump Pump

A mild, low-snow, or rain-free winter means your sump pump hasn’t seen action in months. When spring showers strike a barely functional or not working sump pump can equal a major basement flood. If your pump has gotten no or minimal use over the winter season, you’ll need to check for leaks, clogs, and other potential damage that may have gone unnoticed.

Hydrojetting: Clean Your Drains and Pipes With Less Effort and Better Results

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One of the most common things a plumber deals with is a drain clog, and though several ways exist to clear the drain, one way will clear the drain and clean the inside of the pipe out at the same time. Hydrojetting uses high-pressure water to clear the drain and has some benefits over mechanical devices.

The Problem

The pipes that carry waste out of your home have many different things flowing through them. These things include minerals, metals, hair, soap residue, dirt from the bathtub and shower, and the waste from the toilet. All of these go from your drain line to the sewer system.

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